Lexie Palmore, Original Fine Art

About the Artist

Original Fine Art by Lexie Palmore - Leadville, Colorado

Hello, friends of art. Welcome to my web site. Some would call me an emerging artist. If so, I have been emerging for 50 years. I have done hundreds of paintings and drawings of every subject imaginable. I have been paid well for many of them (but not nearly enough in my book), and yet I have not gotten to that magic point of being well established in the artistic community.

Perhaps one reason for that is that I have not always pursued an artist career. It has been more of a sideline. That has changed and I consider myself a full time artist. Gone are the days of piloting a steamboat and seeing the world, although I still maintain a strong adventuresome spirit. And in that adventure I seek my inspiration for artwork. Perhaps you will see this in the work I have displayed on this web site. Perhaps you may even want to purchase some of that work. In any event, I welcome comment and look forward to establishing a line of communication with anyone interested in what I am doing.

I will not bore you with credentials, but you may contact me about that information if you wish. I would prefer to let the work speak for itself. Kudos if you have read this far. Now go look at the art work.

Lexie Palmore

Lexie Palmore, Original Fine Art